Finalist Announced!


The Other Half of Graceland by John Haggerty

The Show Must Go On by Katie Jean Shinkle

Rosamundo by B. de la Cuesta

The Liar’s Lexicon by Eric Wasserman

Liner Notes by James Brubaker

This Is What It’s Like to Die by Harmony Neal



There Were Lakes Here Before by Mary Kovaleski Byrnes

For Oh, Yvonne, I Am by Frank Montesonti

No Tee Vee by Andrew Terhune

Staple & Sown by Stephanie Anderson

Simplicity Blend by Linda Russo

Day Cracks Between the Bones of the Foot by Jesse Nissim

It Looks Worse Than I Am by Laurie Blauner

The Humiliations and Other Poems by Les Gottesman

The Foehn, or Fern by Jeff T. Johnson

Lover by Russel Jaffe

Middle Time by Angela Hume

Chorus [Interstice] by Endi Bogue Hartigan

I Could Be Your Beauty Resort by Drew Krewer

Escapologies by Matthew Burnside

Shadows Retrospective by Jennifer Pilch

A Civilization by Fred Muratori

Visitors, Cavaliers by Jenny Drai

Dinner Incantations by Valerie Hsiung

Kate Jury Denton Texas by Colin Winnette and Ben Clark


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