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by L.J. Moore

2008 poetry winner
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III. Frank Teen Sin
did I tell you I fell in love with language
he hatched in the basement of a house

it had moist stone walls and a kind of phosphorescence enough to read by
oh and firelight (a thing california girls crave more than horses)

he lived in the dark with the kind of live things you know by touch
prone to excess fur spare parts

which came up through the drains and holes in memory
ideas like radio waves15 things do not unmake themselves

only pass out of range down a well into the woods
the house itself was technically living

there was the memory of its wood frame and that it reproduced
it was a pastiche that had grown a mouth
15 In free space all electromagnetic waves obey the inverse-square law which states that an electromagnetic waves strength is proportional to 1/(x2), where x is the distance from the source. Doubling the distance from a transmitter means the strength is reduced to a quarter, and so on. Propagation on earth is also affected by a number of other factors determined by the waves path from point to point. This path can be line-of-sight or over-the-horizon, aided by bouncing off the ionosphere. Lower frequency, long-distance propagation follows the curvature of the earth. (

a Free space is a theoretical perfect kind of emptiness where only the phenomenon you are considering exists.

Reviews and Interviews

"Built from the runoff of pop culture with resurrected familial history and electrified by anagrammatic hijinks, F-Stein reanimates the shape of the book. Here is a serial poem in which the recto-verso division highlights the mind's oscillation between information gathering and creative impulse: musically-driven, memory-drenched lines meet internet-heavy notes and nods."

-Noah Eli Gordon, Assistant Professor of English, University of Colorado and author of The Source

About the Author:

Co-founder of Small Desk Press, L.J. Moore lives in San Francisco in a basement by the beach. L.J.'s poetry, essays, photography and reviews have appeared in Spectrum, Midnight Zoo, Danse Macabre, Coracle, 14 Hills, Limestone, Jacket, Kalliope, Transfer, Goetry, Sidebrow and are forthcoming in Instant City. She is also a co-author of a collaborative book of poetry based on found photographs entitled Shadows: The Disappearing Woman.