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Man Years

by Sandra Doller

published 2011 | poetry
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Man Years


I can spell anesthesiologist but not marvelously


Meaningful meaning
meaningless meaning

‘Everyone’ is always an exaggeration

The story of a student who walked onto the field a man
and left a woman

The story of faux bois
fake boy
don’t prick your finger
I make slices of cake

“…think that sugar is more important than simile”

The heart is a dog—do you feel that?

Salmonella-infested waters
he doesn’t know what happened to her bod—

He paid her killers to kill her
rather than with pangas
he was spared
because he was =

“It’s not a negation—it’s a celebration.”

Who eats who
like a government child

Man years
bad moons
no mores

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About the Author:

Sandra Doller’s previous two books, Oriflamme and Chora, are on Ahsahta Press. She is the founder & editrice of 1913 a journal of forms/1913 Press, and she lives all over with her man, Ben, and their animals.