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2018 titles:

Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins

Janalyn Guo

When the Bird Is Not a Human

HR Hegnauer


Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

Richard Froude


ever really hear it

Soham Patel



published in 2017
published in 2016
published in 2014
  • Liner Notes | James Brubaker
  • As We Know | Amaranth Borsuk and Andy Fitch
  • Letters & Buildings | Thomas Hummel
published in 2013
  • Because I Am the Shore I Want to Be the Sea | Renée Ashley
  • Domestic Disturbances | Peter Grandbois
  • The Cucumber King of Kėdainiai | Wendell Mayo
published in 2012
  • The Explosions | Mathias Svalina
  • We Have with Us Your Sky | Melanie Hubbard
  • Vs. Death Noises | Marcus Pactor
published in 2011
  • The Body, The Rooms | Andy Frazee
  • Death-In-A-Box | Alta Ifland
  • Man Years | Sandra Doller
published in 2010
  • Song & Glass | Stan Mir
  • Moon Is Cotton & She Laugh All Night | Tracy Debrincat
  • Bartelby, the Sportscaster | Ted Pelton
published in 2009
  • Self-Titled Debut | Andrew Farkas
  • F-Stein | L.J. Moore
published in 2008
  • Little Red Riding Hood Missed the Bus | Kristin Abraham
  • With One’s Own Eyes: Sherwood Anderson’s Realities | Sherwood Anderson
  • My Untimely Death | Adam Peterson
  • Dear Professor, Do You Live in a Vacuum? | Nin Andrews

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