Song & Glass

by Stan Mir

published 2010 | poetry

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Song and Glass cover



The din comes as rain I am
a person of weather locked in a parade
what was halcyon is gone the tuba
honks flat as if a wall
collapsed inside.

Once I tried to place
a choir in a boy’s larynx
the task proved viral from the
beginning it should’ve
been simple to incise

his throat he would thus be
polyvocal & no more alone
than before each voice broke into
one which botched my idea
he could travel without reaching

for song. The din always
comes wrong we listen to its
dull hum never intending
to listen long & end up
hissing in the form of accompaniment

Reviews and Interviews:

“Imagine a WPA today (why not?), and imagine it includes a Poetry Dept. And imagine Joe Ceravolo as head of the department handing out pencils one can see through, the way a kid can see through his forefinger the sun. Imagine a course called Staring out the Window that you can take for credit because it helps you to get out of your head and into the day. And imagine writing on the window all theparticulars being out of your head allows you to see. Imagine thehighest grade possible being song, in whatever key. And so it is that I see Stan Mir at the desk nearest the window staring at the democratic sticks, 40 oz. empties and styrofoam cups, all of which he converts into song that makes a difference for a change.”

Michael Gizzi

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About the Author:

mirStan Mir is the author of one previous collection, The Lacustrine Suite (Pavement Saw), and a chapbook, Flight Patterns (JR Van Sant). He currently lives in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.

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