We Have with Us Your Sky

by Melanie Hubbard

published 2012 | poetry

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We Have With Us Your Sky cover




Suddenly he realized
small errors proved catastrophic
he analyzed a monument’s shadow
how nonlinear nature is
a picture of reality
charted on the older man’s blackboard
clouds are not spheres
wondering about coastlines
one wintry afternoon
there was a long hiatus
this assumption
the oscillatory, the skewed varicose
he went to visit Lorenz
don’t form a selfish concept
a sausage in a sausage
is the solar system
I, too, was convinced
you can focus
the mystery of the universe
the ceaseless motion
with light poise
to Metropolis, Stein, & Stein
the flecked river
builds its own banks
an imaginary pinball machine
perhaps we should believe
if the image is complicated
there is no randomness
randomness is a red
Norman Packard was reading
in December 1977
when Lorenz walked into the room
you don’t see something
it’s a simple example
Lanford listened politely
Huberman looked out
in the back of their minds
odd-shaped traveling waves

Reviews and Interviews:

Melanie Hubbard’s terse short-lined poems create a staccato music of wit and reference. With nods to Mary Shelley, Columbus, Chaos theory, Foucault, John Locke, Stanley Fish, Margaret Fuller, We Have With Us Your Sky creates a “vast metaphysical plot” constructed of broken fragments of literature and culture, from a life spent reading in the “harm garden.” This book is tough and smart, badass, feminist and punning. Hubbard knows what “they want her to know,” and she knows more. These poems make me sit up and listen, alert and more alive now: “A hard joy.”

Julie Carr

Melanie Hubbard’s some kind of word wizard. She shows up with language aglow and growing, expanding when it seems to begin tiny, shrinking when it begins colossally. This book’s back-story is literary, its matter made up of quills, cant off, wiggin in, wunking out, paper endearments, book cemeteries, apologies from the universe, spiders and dust. Her poems, taken together, read like the story a dictionary would write were it so inclined.

Dara Wier

A list of reviews and interviews.

About the Author:

Melanie Hubbard Author PhotoMelanie Hubbard lives in a small town on the west coast of Florida with her family. She received a PhD in literature from Columbia University; she also received a National Endowment for the Humanities research fellowship to do a scholarly book, now being revised, on Emily Dickinson. She has taught at New College of Florida, Eckerd College, and the University of Tampa. Poems, reviews, scholarly articles, and personal essays have appeared in a variety of periodicals. A chapbook, Gilbi Winco Swags, came out with Cannibal Books in 2008.

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