Domestic Disturbances

by Peter Grandbois

published 2013 | fiction

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Domestic Disturbances cover


About the Book:

Pared down to the act of creation, Grandbois’ Domestic Disturbances present characters and situations that seem at once wholly familiar, then shift without warning, disturbing our paradigms of “reality” only to re-create that “reality” not as we wish it to be but as we fear it must be.  Like the best experimental writing, Grandbois’ work doesn’t simply break with tradition but interrogates it.

Reviews and Interviews:

Domestic Disturbances unthinks suburban flavorlessness into a series of explosive metalogical unsettlings where anything is always-already happening. These vortical singularities teach us how, were we only to learn to pay attention, we would discover ourselves living in a radically mutable world of layered surprise and wonder.

-Lance Olsen

About the Author:

Peter Grandbois is the author of two award winning novels: The Gravedigger and Nahoonkara, a memoir, The Arsenic Lobster, and a collection of short fictions, Domestic Disturbances.  His essays, plays, and short fiction have appeared in numerous journals, and been shortlisted for both the Pushcart Prize and Best American Essays.

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