He Always Still Tastes Like Dynamite

by Trevor Dodge

published May 2017 – Fiction

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About the Book:

He Always Still Tastes Like Dynamite is a flash-fictional evisceration of toxic masculinity, a difficult yet tender exploration of the implicit and explicit violences men do to those they are afraid to love, those they pretend to hate, and those hearts, minds, and bodies they nervously call their own. In stories set amidst the sagebrush and clay of drive-through territories of the contemporary intermountain West, Trevor Dodge writes honestly and forcefully about characters trapped inside the cartoon performances intoned from having watched John Wayne movies, listened to Toby Keith albums, and suffered George W. Bush’s America.

Here language dances between the highly abstract and grittily realistic, between the structurally provocative as well as the emotionally stark. Dodge’s latest short story collection delivers scenes of domestic realism in an array of inventive, energetic, and poignant prose styles that invite readers to both literally and figuratively read between the lines.

Mirroring a masculinist culture where the ghost of work has long since expended itself but whose mindless meaning still lumbers on, these stories challenge us to consider the kinds of expressions, situations, and relationships that hamstring and harm us. If we are to imagine ourselves liberated from these things, we must first recognize our erasures by them. If Dodge’s bold new collection is painful, it is made so in the portrayal of recognizable selves that we are loathe to acknowledge but nonetheless mandated to make better not only for ourselves but for those we claim to love. He Always Still Tastes Like Dynamite demands we look deep into the mirror, and obligates us to change what we see.


“Trevor Dodge’s He Always Still Tastes Like Dynamite is a finely-crafted collection of firsts, thirds, stones, heaps and so much more. It’s quietly explosive, a dynamite book.”


“You know those postage stamps with the big pink heart on them? This is what Trevor Dodge asks us to remember in this collection. This book is that stamp. What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love and understanding tipped at strange angles? Nothing, Dodge tells us with conviction. Nothing at all.”


“He Always Still Tastes Like Dynamite conjures a modern America that is hilarious and heartbreaking and deeply familiar. Dodge’s talents and range are frighteningly impressive, and these stories are true and rich. From the first page, I was in this book’s grips. There isn’t a word out of place here, not a single story that doesn’t grab you by the collar.”


About the Author: 


TREVOR DODGE’s work has appeared in publications such as The ButterLittle Fiction, CHEAP POP, Juked, HobartGobshite Quarterly, Metazen, Western Humanities Review, and Golden Handcuffs ReviewThe Laws of Average is his latest book. Subito Press will publish his third collection of short fiction, He Always Still Tastes Like Dynamite, in May of 2017.

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