2013 Contest Winners

Subito Press is pleased to announce the winners of our 2013 poetry & prose contests!

Stephen Graham Jones selected James Brubaker’s Liner Notes as the winner of our prose contest. We will publish Liner Notes in 2014.

Julie Carr selected Amaranth Borsuk & Andy Fitch’s As We Know as the winner of our poetry contest. We will publish As We Know in 2014.

In addition, Carr selected Thomas Hummel’s Letters & Buildings as a runner-up. We will publish Letters & Buildings in 2015.

Thanks to all who entered. Congratulations to Borsuk, Brubaker, Fitch, and Hummel. And congratulations to our finalists & semi-finalists.

Fiction finalists:

James Brubaker Liner Notes
Jenny Drai Fear of Endings
Erik Anderson Dismay
Christine Simokaitis Through the Valley of Now
Brooke Wonders The Noble Art of Falling

Fiction semi-finalists:

S. Asher Sund A Brief History of the Natural World
Katie Lattari American Vaudeville
Brandi Homan Strange Fish Something Fierce
Philip Cioffari The Bronx Kill

Poetry finalists:

Amaranth Borsuk & Andy Fitch As We Know
Jennifer Nelson Aim at the Centaur Stealing Your Wife
Dan Rosenberg cadabra
Andrew Weatherhead Cats and Dogs
Thomas Hummel Letters & Buildings
Michael Robins Match
Angela Hume Middle Time
Stephanie Anderson If You Love Error So Love Zero
Sara Akant PARADES
Shane McCrae The Dead Come Back

Poetry semi-finalists:

Steve Halle seer/SUCKER
Matt Reeck Midwinter
Jackson Meazle Natural Beauty
A Minetta Gould Le Spleen D’Ash
Kimberly Alidio Poems for A
Boyer Rickel Metaleptic 
Evan Harrison Concuss
Mark Lamoureux It’ll Never Be Over For Me
Jasmine Dreame Wagner Rings
Dennis Etzel Jr. My Secret Wars of 1984
Laressa Dickey Twang
Daniel Coudriet Private Astronomies
Kenneth Harrison Jr. Little Hymns & Big Psalms
Mark Wisniewski Maybe, Just Maybe
Carrie Bennett The Land is a Painted Thing

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