2014 Contest Winners

We have big news. We’re pleased to announce the winners of our poetry, prose & lyric essay contests!

Jeffrey DeShell selected Nick Francis Potter’s New Animals as the winner of our prose contest. We will publish New Animals in 2015.

Ruth Ellen Kocher selected Sarah Bartlett’s Sometimes We Walk With Our Nails Out as the winner of our poetry contest. We will publish Sometimes We Walk With Our Nails Out in 2015.

John D’Agata selected Linda Russo’s To Think of Her Writing Awash in Light as the winner of our inaugural lyric essay / creative non-fiction prize. We will publish To Think of Her Writing Awash in Light in 2015.


Nick Francis Potter Author PhotoNick Francis Potter is a multimedia artist and writer from Salt Lake City, Utah. His writing and comics have appeared in Ninth Letter, Caketrain, Black Warrior Review, and Sleepingfish, among others. He currently lives in Columbia, MO with his wife and two boys. His website is nickfrancispotter.tumblr.com.



Sarah Bartlett Author Photo

Sarah Bartlett lives in Portland, OR. She is the author of two chapbooks, My Only Living Relative, forthcoming from Phantom Limb Press in 2015, and Freud Blah Blah Blah, published by Rye House Press in 2014. She has also co-authored two chapbook collaborations: Baby On The Safe Side (Publishing Genius in 2011) and A Mule-Shaped Cloud (horse less press 2008). Her recent work has appeared in: The Volta, Sixth Finch, Alice Blue, Swine, and elsewhere.


Linda Russo Author PhotoLinda Russo is a creative-critical writer. Works of poetry include Mirth (Chax Press), and, more recently, picturing everything closer visible, a chapbook (Projective Industries) and Meaning to Go to the Origin in Some Way (Shearsman Books) is forthcoming. Her essays have appeared in Among Friends: Engendering the Social Site of Poetry (University of Iowa Press) and other edited collections, and as the preface of Joanne Kyger’s About Now: Collected Poems (National Poetry Foundation). She lives in the Columbia River Watershed and teaches at Washington State University. Her website is inhabitorypoetics.blogspot.com.


Thanks to all who entered. Congratulations to Bartlett, Potter, and Russo. And congratulations to our finalists & semi-finalists.

Hotel Grand Abyss, Robert Glick
Development Girls, Pamela Balluck
The Outlook of Earthlings, Joan Frank
Closing Time, Ernest Finney
New Animals, Nick Francis Potter
Flimflam, Barbara Diehl
Yellow, Jessica Hagemann
Potted Meat, Steven Dunn
The Noble Art of Falling, Brooke Wonders
Both Ways, Benjamin Ludwig

Brother from San Francisco, Andrew Touhy
The Ministry of the Interior, Diane Josefowicz
This Angel on My Chest, Leslie Pietrzyk
Other People’s Kids, Rusty Dolleman
More Lies about Murder and Fly Fishing, Tim Weed
Hi/Lo, Alvin Lu
Robot Action Pinball, Jason Olsen
Divine In Essence, Yarrow Paisley
Through the Valley of Now, Christine Simokaitis
The Patient Women, Larissa Shmailo
A Girl Without Arms and Other Monsters, A.A. Balaskovits
Birding for Beginners, Jeremy Griffin
Through the Valley of Now, Christine Simokaitis
Pulling, a short novel, Aimee Parkison
Swing State and Other Stories, Daniel Browne
The Little Book of Conspiracies, Pedro Ponce
An Unimportant Boy, Ted Chiles
Out of Which Came Nothing, Laurie Blauner
Pinch to Wake Up, Tara Goedjen
It’s All About the Journey, God, Dennis James Sweeney
Tsurezuregusa, Dennis James Sweeney
Fire Sale, Brianna Johnson

Stone, Naomi Buck Palagi
Recombinant, Ching-In Chen
Sometimes We Walk With Our Nails Out, Sarah Bartlett
Snaphilia, Katie Jean Shinkle
Compound Eye, Ruth Baumann
SAGEN, Mel Coyle and Jenn Marie Nunes
If It Is Dark, Bill Carty
Cow of Sleep, Patrick Culliton
Imaginary Guns, Patrick Culliton
The Fix, Lisa Wells

Swim Up Safe, Emily Brandt
Colony Collapse, Erin Lyndal Martin
Pungent Dins Concentric, Vanessa Couto Johnson
Void of Desire, Nicole Terry
Some Dark Matter, Susie Martinez
Iffy the Crumb, Steve Halle
The Goodbye Kit, Daneen Bergland
Transplant Factory, Carrie Bennett
The Conduction Trials, Brandon Lewis
archipelago, Tina Cane
Nanopedia, Charles Jensen
The Foreign Object, Steven Teref

New Animals, Nick Francis
You Don’t Mind, Alexis Orgara
Fire Sale, Brianna Johnson
American Flowers, Tyler Dorholt
The Current, Jared Joseph
Clasp, Danielle Vogel
Or, An Essay, David Gorin
Rizpah, Jessie van Eerden
To Think of Her Writing Awash in Light, Linda Russo
Gods Without Wings, T.O.Connor

All the Ways I Imagine You, Steven Teref
Our Last Days, J’Lyn Chapman
Catalogue of Falls, Abby Hagler
Loan Words, Jennifer Kronovet
Nashaminy and the Weekly Top 40, Elizabeth Colen
Strange Fish Something Fierce, Brandi Homan
As if Seen at an Angle, Kevin O’Rourke
The Lost Summer, Lisa Tallin
JFK Reconsidered, Joe Pan
The Father and Daughter Reunion, Lisa Romeo

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