2015 Contest Winners

Subito Press is pleased to announce the winners of our 2015 poetry & prose contests!

Eric Baus selected Kirsten Kaschock’s Confessional Sci-fi: A Primer as the winner of our prose contest.

Elisabeth Sheffield selected Henry Hoke’s Genevieves as the winner of our prose contest.

Thanks to all who entered. Congratulations to Kaschock and Hoke. And congratulations to our finalists & semifinalists.

Poetry Finalists:

Binswanger Friedman The Four Color Problem
Grace Shuyi Liew Careen
Kirsten Kashock Confessional Sci-fi
Kit Frick A Small Rising In The Lungs
Mark Baumer Is This Poem Good?
Michael Sikkema You’ve Got A Pretty Hellmouth
Jake Syersak Yield Architecture
Matthew Mahaney Actual Echo

Poetry Semi-Finalists:

Susan Lewis Life Sentences
Megan Peak Time Lapse
Matt Reeck Wunderkammer!
Andrew Terhune I Am On Your Side
Valerie Wallace House Of McQueen
James Capozzi Nimrod In Hell
Cassie Donish Beautyberry
Kristen Hanlon Requiter
Kate Partridge Northern Ledger

Fiction Finalists:

Henry Hoke Genevieves
Michael Berger My Life At Night: Essays and Myths
Sara Schaff When I Was Young and Swam to Cuba
Timothy O’Leary Dick Cheney Shot Me In The Face
Josh Wardrip No Place, Good Place
Ghost Proposal The New Epistolary Woman
Amanda Marbais We Are Not Each Other

Fiction Semi-Finalists:

Stephen Policoff The Buddha Train
Timothy Moore You Are Not All
Tim Weed A Field Guide To Murder and Fly Fishing
Christine Gardiner The Birdhouse
David Gorin Telephone
James Wagner Four Works
Pamela Balluck Development Girls
Duncan Barlow A Dog Between Us
Zack O’Neill Zen Creoles
Brianna Johnson The Axe Lectures

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