2017 Contest Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of our 2017 poetry and prose book prizes!

Lily Hoang has selected Janalyn Guo’s Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins as the prose winner.

Mathias Svalina has selected Soham Patel’s ever really hear it as the poetry winner.


Prose Winner: Janalyn Guo, Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins

Janalyn Guo was born in Xinbin, China and currently lives in Salt Lake City. Her short stories have appeared in various literary journals, most recently Black Sun Lit, The Tusculum Review, and Quarterly West.


Poetry Winner: Soham Patel, ever really hear it

Soham Patel is the author of and nevermind the storm and New Weather Drafts (Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs) and the forthcoming in airplane and other poems (Oxeye Press) and to afar from afar (Writ Large). She serves as a poetry editor at Fence.


Congratulations to Janalyn and Soham! And congratulations to our finalists and semifinalists!

Subito Prose Prize 2017


Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins, Janalyn Guo
My Cartographies, Rochel Toliver
Arizona Lights, Meagen Youngdahl
Object/Replacement/Character, Chris Ames
Burn Fortune, Brandi Homan
The Wound is (not) Real: A Memoir, Marty Cain
Aphrodite Plays the Shell Game, Jennifer Pullen
The Rib Joint: A Memoir in Essays, Julia Koets
Visitigial, Aja Duncan
There is No Appropriate #emoji, Davis Schneiderman


It’s Not a Lonely World, Erin Bertram
Autobiography of Horse, Jennifer Park
Fables of the Deconstruction, Damien Dressick
A Book of Rice, Amalia Gladhart
Headcheese, Jessica Hagemann
Choke Box: A Fem-Noir, Christina Milletti
Sugar, Smoke, Song, Reema Rajbanshi
Body/Language, Anne Riesenberg
The Way I Love You Most, Sarah Pape


Subito Poetry Prize 2017


ever really hear it, Soham Patel
After June, Sara Renberg
The Raw & The Cooked, Claire Hero
Luxury, Blue Lace, Samuel Corfman
Devil’s Lake, Sarah Sala
Mask for Mask, JD Scott
Principle of Economics, Kristen Case
Things I Love That Have Nothing to Do with Tyranny, Matt Reeck
Peripatetic, Brent Armendinger
Palisades, Emily Martin
Flat Sound, Jessica Millnitz

Poetry semifinalists

Subtexts, Dan Brady
Burning Man, Jed Myers
Expedition Notes, Carrie Bennett
A Great Hair Day on the River, Gina Keicher
Muzzle, Briann Clifton
Imaginary Conversation in Which You Are a Flock of Birds, Laura Theobald
Inside Color of Chickens, Mary Christensen
General Motors, Ryan Eckes
T, Jonathan Dubow
Yes, I am a corpse flower, Travis Sharp
Repetition House, Keith Jones


Thank you to all who submitted!

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